i like to throw words here. and there. sometime i spit them out and vomit all over the place.
but … welcome to my mess.
it’s a little like an after party with or without drunks.
there’s a bottle of rum here somewhere.
So, help yourself.

i babble. but it’s from my heart…from my gut. i keep it real, yo. 🙂

i like snark.
i take fotos with my fone or my lumix and i dump them in here , too.
It’s what I do. Keeps my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds.i’m a leo from july. i don’t roar. i purr. i like magic. And coincidences. I like.
i’m not religious. but i like crosses. churches and graveyards.
Graveyards are the best. i’ve lost my mind of few times. and i’m sorry i found it again. But I heard it was necessary. ..
i like to hike. but i trip often. (i like my trips, though!)
i have two babies. girls. not really babies. but..meh, they’re my babies.
i have a husband. he’s the luckiest man on earth.
i am sarcastic… but in a loving way…not that you’d be able to tell the difference.(maybe.)
i like people. i like animals , too.
i have a lot of love to give. i put it in a box when i don’t have anyone to give it to. Saving it up for a rainy… something something.
i’m suspicious naturally… it’s how i function in the daily. I may be a bit jaded, but a lot curious. Mostly I’m curious about people. Places too..but people, mostly. oooh, people and all their emotions… it’s like poetry and art and music and dancing all at the same time. a little beautiful
I don’t like clubs. I don’t fit in. Even in the ‘misfits’ club… I won’t fit in. I wiggle too much to fit it.
i’m a ‘therapist’. i am underpaid for it. i like to look at the people in the self help area at the bookstore.
I don’t think for a half second that you actually care what i have to say or read this, even….
…but i like when you visit. i’m happy you’re here. 🙂
…and maybe you can get a chuckle or sigh or roll your eyes around here.
Get comfortable… Can I get you a drink? Rum, Coffee, tea…